The existence of the crossbow was first documented between 400 and 300 BC in China, but it is perhaps best known for its role in medieval Europe both as a weapon of war and as a tool for sport.

As crossbows developed, master craftsmen and artisans elevated them to works of art, with elaborate carvings, engravings, and inlays of bone, ivory, and sometimes even precious gems. Toy crossbows were not uncommon; many of these were considered “feast crossbows,” and were used for entertainment purposes at royal feasts and festive gatherings, typically to shoot food, such as carrots, sausages, and probably small bones.

CORKBO seeks to resurrect the feast crossbow, but with a twist: Rather than being designed to shoot food, CORKBO crossbows are made expressly to shoot wine corks. (Now you know why you’ve been saving them!)

Some tips on how to get the most out of your CORKBO are available here. For more photos, have a look at our Gallery page.

A classic revived